About Bio Rut

Now more than ever, it is important to think about the chemicals we put in our body and mother earth. With several foods being linked to shortened lifespans and the development of various terminal illnesses such as cancer,we cannot afford to simply ingest food without caring about where it comes from and what is used to make or grow it.

What you are putting in your soil?

We believe that when it comes to vegetables, in particular, it all
starts with what you are putting in your soil. Vegetables grown in soil
that is laden with harmful chemicals might be bigger and more
attractive to the eye but in the long run, they do more damage
than good to both your body and the soil you grow them in.

We committed to making a difference in a world

Bio-rut is committed to making a difference in a world that is obsessed with GMO food consumption. We make organic compost that not only ensures that you grow healthy fruits and vegetables but that also revitalizes soil that has been worn out by the use of harmful fertilizers and chemicals. Our products are great for use in your garden beds as well as for shrub and tree planting. This is because they are made without harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Your demand is our priority

Depending on your needs, you can choose from our range of products that includes Organic Vermicompost, Coco peat, Dried Cow Dung and Earthworms. In addition to being free of pesticides, our compost is also non-toxic, odor free and environmentally friendly. We are dedicated to helping you grow delicious fruits and vegetables that are safe to eat while also being mindful of the chemicals we put in your soil.

We are making products that are natural and organic

With global climate change affecting people all across the globe, making products that are natural and organic is one of the key steps we need to take to prevent further damage to the planet. With our organic Vermicompost, you can rest assured that your soil is well-nurtured. Regular use of our Bio-rut compost also helps your soil better retain water, which in turn helps your fruits, trees, shrubs, and vegetables grow.

Our company is run by experts trained in gardening and farming.

From small kitchen gardens to big farms, we know the right products to enrich your soil and increase its potential. We are a passionate team, regularly working to improve our products for your safety and the safety of the planet. When you buy Bio-rut products, we guarantee high-quality compost delivered by friendly staff, who are always on hand to assist you with your needs and problems.